I have held many ceremonies for a multitude of occasions throughout my rich life experience and it is my honour and privilege to conduct an occasion for you that brings to fruition your needs and desires for a ceremony that is just right for you and/or your loved ones.

Ceremonies serve us on many levels: as initiation in to powerful life-changing points in our journey, as celebration of where we have come and where we are going and as markers for a wide variety of events that deserve to be marked with a beautiful ceremony/speech.

There are a wide variety of ceremonies that I can offer you. All ceremonies are written individually, catering to each individual occasion ensuring it is as unique and special as you are and the person the ceremony is created for.

Services include:
Naming Ceremony
Birthday MC and Speech
Commitment ceremony
Birth Circle
Renewal of Vows
Event/website/business Opening
Seasonal Rituals
Coming of Age
Menstruation Celebration
Hens Night
Crone Circle

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